WU-FTPD Mailing Lists

The WU-FTPD Development Group maintains a number of mailing lists.  To subscribe to a list, send an email to Majordomo@wu-ftpd.org with the first two lines of the body reading:

    subscribe listname

to unsubscribe, the first two lines of the message body should read:

    unsubscribe listname

where listname is one of the following:

listname Email address to post Charter
wuftpd-announce Announcements concerning WU-FTPD.  This is the ONLY announcement list for WU-FTPD.  The list is open subscription, only members of the WU-FTPD Development Group may post.  Traffic on this list is very low.  Traffic should be signed using the development group's PGP signing key.
wuftpd-cvs Real-time changes to the WU-FTPD CVS repository.  The list is open subscription, only the CVS daemon may post.  Traffic on this list is one message per day, when there is any activity for the prior day, consisting of the CVS commit log for the prior day.
wuftpd-dev wuftpd-dev@wu-ftpd.org General discussion list for developers.  The list is open subscription, only subscribed users may post.  Traffic on this list is generally low, but can be high occasionally.
wuftpd-doc wuftpd-doc@wu-ftpd.org General discussion list for documentation writers.  The list is open subscription, only subscribed list members may post.  Traffic on this list is generally low but can be high occasionally.
wuftpd-members wuftpd-members@wu-ftpd.org Internal discussion list for members of the WU-FTPD Development Group.  The list is closed subscriptions.  Anyone may post.  Traffic on this list is medium to high.
wuftpd-mirrors wuftpd-mirrors@wu-ftpd.org Discussion list for mirror operators concerning WU-FTPD.  If you run a mirror site or have questions about mirroring WU-FTPD, this is the list to use.  The list is also used to announce WU-FTPD mirror issues. Traffic on this list is very low.
wuftpd-questions wuftpd-questions@wu-ftpd.org General support and discussion.  This is the list to use if you have questions concerning compiling, installing or configuring WU-FTPD.  The list is open subscription.  Anyone may post.  Traffic on this list is generally high (although there are some medium-traffic days occassionally).

If you experience problems subscribing or posting, please review the Majordomo documentation.  You may obtain a copy by sending email to Majordomo@wu-ftpd.org with the first two lines of the body reading:


The most common problems encountered when attempting to unsubscribe are:

  1. Asking how on the list.
    This really upsets people.  You might get answers (dozens of them) but they will almost certainly not tell you how to unsubscribe.  If you chose to do this, be prepared for verbal abuse and public ridicule.
  2. Mailing the request to the list instead of Majordomo.
    This upsets people as well.  You probably won't be treated as harshly as if you asked for help, but you also probably won't get any answers.
  3. Mailing to the postmaster or list owner asking for help.
    Don't bother: he ignores all such requests (except in rare cases where it is clear that you are you and that you would be completely unable to do it yourself).  Pestering the postmaster just gets your email address added to his ignore list.
  4. Sending the unsubscribe from an email address which is not the same the one subscribed to the list.
    You can do this, the help reply explains it.

When you subscribed, an email was sent with instructions on how to interact with the list.  Read it.  KEEP IT.  If you lose it, request the help document.

If you're still having problems, contact the postmaster or list owner (but be prepared to be ignored).

List archives

Searchable web-based archives for all public WU-FTPD mailing lists can be found at the Resource Center.

The above mailing lists are archived and available via Anonymous IMAP.  Connect to mail.wu-ftpd.org using IMAP (TCP port 143).  Give 'anonymous' as your user name and your email address as a password.  If your mail client cannot see the folder list, give the listname to access that list's archive.  The archives are organized by year and month, with the current month's traffic appearing in the base folder.

The Washington University WU-FTPD mailing list is also in this anonymous IMAP archive (folder name: wustl).

The wuftpd-members mailing list archive is only available to development group members.  Members wishing access should contact support.  Members should be aware they have write-access to the archives; please, only delete spam after you have filed a complaint about it.

Email contacts

In addition to the above mailing lists, the following email addresses are monitored and will receive human attention:

abuse@wu-ftpd.org To report email abuse originating from any wu-ftpd.org host.  Please do NOT complain about spam sent through any of the above mailing lists; the Postmaster monitors those lists and files complaints already; he really doesn't need to wade through your complaints as well.
ftp@wu-ftpd.org To report issues with the FTP archive, ftp.wu-ftpd.org.  This is NOT for support for the WU-FTPD daemon (use wuftpd-questions@wu-ftpd.org instead).
hostmaster@wu-ftpd.org To report DNS issues concerning wu-ftpd.org.
postmaster@wu-ftpd.org To report non-abuse email issues concerning wu-ftpd.org.
security@wu-ftpd.org To report non-email abuse originating from any wu-ftpd.org host.  If you have an on-going security incident sourcing from a wu-ftpd.org host, contact 1-800-809-2195 (1-937-298-5254) for immediate attention.  If you have sensitive information to send, please use one of the PGP keys below.

The proper address for reporting issues concerning the security of the WU-FTPD package is wuftpd-members@wu-ftpd.org; to assist vulnerability reporting teams, however, security@wu-ftpd.org is delivered to both the development group and the host operator.

support@wu-ftpd.org To request assistance with wu-ftpd.org's servers.  This is NOT for support for the WU-FTPD daemon (use wuftpd-questions@wu-ftpd.org instead).  This is for members who have questions or need assistance using the development group's servers.
webmaster@wu-ftpd.org To send comments or suggestions concerning this web site to the maintainers.
wu-ftpd-faq@wu-ftpd.org This is an auto-responder.  Any email to it with the subject 'send faq' will receive a current copy of the FAQ in reply.
The remaining RFC 2142 aliases (info, marketing, sales, noc, usenet, news and uucp) are also defined and monitored, but have no specific purpose at this time.

PGP Keys

WU-FTPD Development Group signing key (wuftpd-members@wu-ftpd.org)
Version: 2.6.3ia


Other mailing lists

Stan Barber maintained a mailing list for bug reporting.  That list should not be used.  No one monitors that list; bugs reported to it will not reach the development group.

Washington University still maintains its mailing lists.  The WU-FTPD-ANNOUNCE mailing list is no longer used.  Many members and other users, however, continue to monitor the WU-FTPD discussion mailing list and questions and answers and often cross-posted.

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